5 Surprising things to know about iPad Pro!

The most 5 surprising things about new Apple iPad Pro are....

 Apple release new iPad Pro and it's surprising to know about it's features and usability. It's really massive explore in tablet technology with largest touch screen. There is lots of things to fall in love with the new iPad Pro.

So lets dig down about the 10 things :

1. iPad Pro built with 4GB RAM

4GB RAM and it's the highest RAM in iOS devices. And though Apple not disclose this publicly, but developers discovered through the Xcode developer tool about the iPad Pro RAM.

2. It has the fastest CPU Apple has ever designed


The A9X chipset is Apple's third-generation 64-bit chip that is 22x more faster than others.

3. iPad Pro does NOT have a 3DTouch display

And bad news is that, iPad Pro don not have a 3DTouch display. 

3. It’s designed for use with a stylus pen


iPad Pro is designed to use with a stylus pen and no other Apple devices had this before.

4. It has killer speakers for music lover


Do you like music loud! than good news for you cause iPad Pro comes with killer speakers.

5. It's added new connection technology


Another new technology is added with iPad Pro, different new connection technology.


Let's check how much people like the new Apple iPad Pro to get used to with it's wide screen and also with all new features. Personally i love this new iPad Pro for wide using of it's options and features. Hope this will make you happy and help your life to be easier...


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